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Knowlegable Coaches,

Family-Friendly Environment!

The facility

Planet Bayou is a cable watersports park located in Dufferin County, Ontario, just 10 minutes north of Orangeville. We take great pride in the care we put into the facility and in welcoming all who visit.
Our facility operates using a Sesitec 2.0 Straight-line cable system. Instead of a boat, riders are towed by an electric drive cable system, which is not only the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly tow device available, but also the easiest way for beginners to learn to ride or for experienced riders to progress their skills on the water!

On Site
- Lessons
- Equipment Rental
- Experienced Coaches
- Paddle Board Rental
- Dry Land Activities
- Family-Friendly Environment!


Come hang out by the water and experience the excitement for yourself!

What Is A Cable Park?

What Is A Cable Park?

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Fun family destination where everyone can learn to waterski, wakeboard and kneeboard

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Similar to a T-bar at a ski hill, the electrically powered towing system pulls riders across a body of water and replaces the need for a boat.

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The easiest and most affordable way to learn a new watersport, or for the experienced participant to progress their skills. 


meet the team


Brennan Grange

Owner and Operator of Planet Bayou

10+ Years in the Industry


Park Builder



Button Pusher/Cable Driver


Sydney Mchugh

Cable Operator



Towel poncho maker

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